Voices in between flowers and leaves

This is a large sized mural for a hotel painted on the ground and then applied to a group of partially vaulted ceilings in a style that makes one believe it is from another century.

Up there in Carinthia

“Up in Carinthia” is a full-room wall decoration located in Carinthia, Austria,in the breakfast/aperitif room of a small exclusive hotel wich tell a circular story of a way of life and values ​​that still endure despite these changing times. The use of optical effects blends the painted parts with the structure of the brick vaults. […]

The whispering garden

This painting is on a real door and the theme recalls the geographical context where it is located: an area squeezed between sea and mountains with terraces alternating gardens, olive trees and roman rests.The title contains the interpretation key for this painting, in fact, after careful observation, the detail that explains the title becomes evident.

Only sleeps those who cannot daydream

It is a magical oneiric vision of a real place: the scene seems possible in every way until it becomes apparent that flames are floating on unlit candles and other lights are floating above the water surface. The result is a impression of a ‘slow rain of stars’.

Twilight ocean

Beyond these walls and these material things is a placid ocean in an endless twilight on which our dreams sail free.White bedroom.

Rey del Mediterraneo

The mural occupies two opposing walls and the ceiling between them, it is located in a common area of the hotel with 3 floors of height and the subject refers to the name of the hotel. The painting changes from day on one wall to night on the opposite wall across Mediterranean landscapes; hot air […]

The three ages of life and freedom

It is a metaphor about the three ages of life and freedom,the link below gives access to a free pdf book that covers this work from the first to the last moment of its creation: commissioning, development of the idea, concepts, sketches, selection, engineering, painting phase and assembly. (please notify us if the link does […]

The pond’s nymph

Watch the sunlight filtering through the forest: it is with the last rays that the butterfly-winged nymphs come out to dance on the mirror of the pond.

One only destiny 2

We hadn’t thought and decided anything: we could have been someone else, we could have been some of you, we could have been one of our brothers and sisters who never came, we would have been different … but still we would have believed that we can not be anyone other than ourselves.