Voices in between flowers and leaves

This is a large sized mural for a hotel painted on the ground and then applied to a group of partially vaulted ceilings in a style that makes one believe it is from another century.

Up there in Carinthia

“Up in Carinthia” is a full-room wall decoration located in Carinthia, Austria,in the breakfast/aperitif room of a small exclusive hotel wich tell a circular story of a way of life and values ​​that still endure despite these changing times. The use of optical effects blends the painted parts with the structure of the brick vaults. […]

The whispering garden

This painting is on a real door and the theme recalls the geographical context where it is located: an area squeezed between sea and mountains with terraces alternating gardens, olive trees and roman rests.The title contains the interpretation key for this painting, in fact, after careful observation, the detail that explains the title becomes evident.