Seeing all those stars of the skies that we have inside

-Why have you brought me to this dark place inhabited only by the spirits?–..No, no: you are looking in the wrong place because you are searching in the void of nothingness where you fear to lose yourself: don’t you see that we are made of stars ?!-

In the night’s casket

The rosy dawn clothed in blue invokes from the pastures of the sky swarms of fireflies and stars to return to the casket of night.

A mirage in the night

For a moment he saw her among the stars, but when he looked closer she was no longer there, only the sea of sand and the stars remained.

A sing in the blue

It is so good to think back to love in times of melancholy: one feels a kind of I don’t know what, like a pleasure in feeling pain.

One only destiny 1

We hadn’t thought and decided anything: we could have been someone else, we could have been some of you, we could have been one of our brothers and sisters who never came, we would have been different … but still we would have believed that we can not be anyone other than ourselves.

A light from the abyss

You know what rises from the abyss, right?… don’t worry …… if it’s light it’s fine.