Seeing all those stars of the skies that we have inside

-Why have you brought me to this dark place inhabited only by the spirits?–..No, no: you are looking in the wrong place because you are searching in the void of nothingness where you fear to lose yourself: don’t you see that we are made of stars ?!-

In the night’s casket

The rosy dawn clothed in blue invokes from the pastures of the sky swarms of fireflies and stars to return to the casket of night.

A mirage in the night

For a moment he saw her among the stars, but when he looked closer she was no longer there, only the sea of sand and the stars remained.

Towards new horizons

The limits of a human are his own horizons,that separation line between earth and sky,between finite and infinite,between reality and fiction,between actor and spectator,between those who sleep and those who dream,between those who live and those who love.

A sing in the blue

It is so good to think back to love in times of melancholy: one feels a kind of I don’t know what, like a pleasure in feeling pain.

Sleeping Eurinome

And as Eurinome dreamed suspended between sky and water, the seeds of the first life spreaded everywhere with her breath.

Eurinome blue and violet

Eurinome woke up in the kaos and began to swim and so her movement separated the sky from the waters spreading seeds all over.