The pond’s nymph

Watch the sunlight filtering through the forest: it is with the last rays that the butterfly-winged nymphs come out to dance on the mirror of the pond.

One only destiny 2

We hadn’t thought and decided anything: we could have been someone else, we could have been some of you, we could have been one of our brothers and sisters who never came, we would have been different … but still we would have believed that we can not be anyone other than ourselves.

Tightrope walker

When a fragile moonbeam falls before your feet, like a rope passing over oceans and skies, it is time to dare toto walk it in equilibrium between madness and wisdom.

Seeing all those stars of the skies that we have inside

-Why have you brought me to this dark place inhabited only by the spirits?–..No, no: you are looking in the wrong place because you are searching in the void of nothingness where you fear to lose yourself: don’t you see that we are made of stars ?!-

A sing in the blue

It is so good to think back to love in times of melancholy: one feels a kind of I don’t know what, like a pleasure in feeling pain.

A light from the abyss

You know what rises from the abyss, right?… don’t worry …… if it’s light it’s fine.

Even if we are different I feel you

What do the waves say when they meet the rocks? perhaps they tell their journey with the currents of the sea? Or maybe when they were clouds or rivers? Or perhaps when they lived intimately united with the elements of the earth in a living being and felt each other?

Tide with crescent moon

How beautiful and mysterious it is to feel all these tides when a new moon rises within us.

Eurinome blue and violet

Eurinome woke up in the kaos and began to swim and so her movement separated the sky from the waters spreading seeds all over.